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Hello there, I'm a Software Architect and IT Solution Consultant from India.

arunav gupta

September 2002, when my first software was distributed through PC Quest and won awards at conferences, I was still an engineering student and was just introduced to computer programming over an year ago; but by then I already knew what I would do for the rest of my life.

It has been 12 years in IT Industry with 50+ projects delivering software solutions, web applications, CRM implementation (Microsoft Dynamics CRM), cloud platform services and mobile apps; working with several companies including Microsoft.

My name is Arunav Gupta, I'm also a keen programmer, researcher & trainer and I believe my skills complement each other and enable me to convert large and complex business solution problems into small and simple software development challenges.

Check my latest creation ErasEraspaas that allows creating online solutions through entities, relations, actions & solutions.