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"The Best is not necessarily the most expensive one" - An Approach for IT Solutions (and perhaps life)

I remember this quote from a doctor while discussing about lenses when my mother was going through cataract operation. When asked which lens to go for, I responded with "the most expensive one" and she replied back with a smile "the best may not necessarily be the most expensive one". And the phrase has since stuck in my mind.

When I was a Microsoft employee (a CRM consultant), sometimes the client would ask about software solutions for certain other needs...

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"Life in Retrospect" (Part 1) - Bits and Bytes of Early Memories

Life was not very easy for me as a kid. However with "long-long ago" added to the dramatic incidents of life, I now cherish those memories and find them more humorous with only a slight tinge of how I felt at that point of time.

When I was about three years old we shifted to a new house at 31 A Road, Sonari in Jamshedpur. The earliest of my memory starts from here as I watched a kid of around my own age at the neighbor’s gate smiling at me. Hard to believe the two of us are still friends after about twenty-seven years landing in the same but a distant city in India...

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"Culture, Consumer Experience, Technology and Typical Indian Business" - A Market of Opportunities

Over the last few years I have been primarily serving Indian Businesses with Technology and Customer Relationship Strategies, here are a few revelations about how consumers and markets are changing in this part of the world.

Not very "long long ago" there were old and traditional companies that enjoyed a kind of monopoly in their respective industry and region, the companies and their brands were established over generations and anyone could predict growth with meticulous precision, nothing could have gone wrong as if a story of "happily ever after". However ...

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