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Technology executive having several years of experience in software engineering including software architecture, full-stack application development, software development lifecycle, delivering enterprise solutions leveraging web and cloud technologies;

Awarded Customer Partner Excellence Award and Star Award by Microsoft.

Experienced in managing and consulting strategies for technology adoption, architecture transformation and leading teams in delivering large scale enterprise solutions for large organizations like Aramco, BCA, Microsoft and Morgan Stanley.

Expertise in implementing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Micro-services Architecture (MSA) on cloud platforms like AWS and Azure for delivering Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions with open API implementing protocols for android mobile apps and Internet of Things.


  • Eras PaaS - A simple platform for complex cloud computing. To know more about Eras see my article on "Inception of Eras - Platform as a Service".
  • MedSeek Empower - A collaboration system for healthcare providers, with integration implementation of healthcare information management systems over standard communication protocols.
  • SBM SAEC Enterprise Portals ( / ARAMCO) - Design and Implementation of XRM business solution in MSCRM, business process automation. Integration of CRM with SharePoint through ADFS.
  • MWC CRM (Manila Waters) - MSCRM customization for Utility Industry, defining workflows based on business process. Integration of CRM with other components like GIS and ERP.
  • BCA CRM (Bank of Central Asia) - MSCRM customization for Banking Industry, defining workflows based on business process. Integration of CRM with ERP.
  • Calvi Supervisor & Asset manager - SAAS implementation of Telecom Expense Management and call monitoring systems.
  • Calvi App Store / Dashboard - A framework developed in Silverlight4 to allow users to manage multiple Calvi applications from a single dashboard.
  • c360 CRM Products for Microsoft CRM - c360 Product Suite to complement Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionalities, developed for c360 Solutions at Proteans.
  • KiWiPOS, Kiwi Informatics - SOA implementation of a generic POS system, customizable to support wide range of industries. Implementation as a hosted service interacting directly with smart-client applications deployed on devices (palm-top/touch-screen) installed at site.
  • Flubusters, Care Dynamics - MSCRM customization for a client of Engage, defining workflows based on business process. Integration of CRM with other components like MSGP, Engage IVR, and development and integration of e-Com Web application for CRM.

... Several other implementations such as multilingual Search Engines, Hotel Management & Property Management systems, e-Commerce & Point Of Sales applications, Management Information Systems, custom ERP solutions, etc.

Although most of my work has been around enterprise applications and business solutions, but to break the monotony, at my leisure I work on more intriguing subjects such as artificial intelligence, audio/video processing, etc. One such implementation is a remake of my graduation project Anshu, available as a facebook app (anshu) arunav_anshu


Research, Design and Development in Microsoft Server Technologies (specialized in Microsoft Dynamics CRM). Experienced in management and consulting strategy for technology adoption. Awarded Customer Partner Excellence Award and Star Award at Microsoft Corporation (see Accomplishments for other awards). Expertise programming in C# .Net for SAAS with Service Oriented Architecture on Cloud (Azure/AWS) and Mobile Device (Win Phone, iOS and Android)

Key Technical Skills:
  • Programming Languages: .Net - C#* (Secondary: Java, objective C, C++ and PHP)
  • Web Platform: ASP.Net, Web-Service, WCF, RIA Services, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML / HTML5 & CSS3
  • Windows Platform: Windows Application, Windows Service, WPF, and Windows Mobile (Secondary: iOS device)
  • Servers Applications: Microsoft Dynamics (MSCRM 3, 4 & 2011)* (Secondary: SharePoint 2010)
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 / 2005 / 2008 / 2012 (SQL/T-SQL)
  • Libraries: Entity Framework, Workflow Foundation, Reflection, Remoting, WDS
    Automation (WatiN & Fitnesse), Performance Tuning, OWASP Security Standard and Software Packaging (WiX), Unit Testing (VS Unit Testing Framework)
  • Process: Agile (Scrum* & XP)
*Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (Microsoft Dynamics CRM Applications)
*Microsoft Certified Professional (C#, .Net)
*Certified Scrum Master, (Scrum Alliance)

Domain Expertise: Hospitality, Healthcare, Telecom, Utility, Finance, CRM (MSCRM), POS (RMS)
Educational Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) from IT, Bilaspur (GGU), 2003 with 70%
Work Experience: 12 years in Application Design, Research & Development, in Microsoft .Net Technologies.


  • Customer Partner Excellence Award (Twice), Microsoft
  • Star Award, Global Delivery, Microsoft
  • Star Achiever Award, Proteans Software Solutions
  • 3d Knitter (academy project) acquired 2nd position in a national level contest organized at OIST Bhopal, sponsored by BSNL. Appreciated at IIT Shastra 2002, (IIT, Chennai) also published as a freeware in PC-Quest (Sept, 2002)
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MSCRM)
  • IBM Certified Specialist DB2/UDB V6.1 / V7.1 User
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (.Net), C# for windows programming
  • Sun Certified Java Programmer
  • Certified Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance)